Become a VIP Buyer and get Access to Invisible Park Listings not available on any website.


Hi, I’m Chris Curry, founder of the CurryTeam at EXP Realty. I love helping buyers find their perfect dream home. And, when you become a VIP Buyer, my team and I will go to work to find your dream home.  

Here’s how we find your dream home for you:

  • We use predictive data to find Invisible Listings. These are people who are going to be selling their home. and we can find them before they ever put their home on the market. 

  • When we find an Off Market Home matches your criteria, we’ll let you know about it ASAP! This means you can be “first in line” with your offer before other buyers ever know the home is for sale. (We use a proprietary system to identify people who are selling before their home ever comes on the market.)  

Here’s how you benefit from this: 

  • You get access to homes on a Park or Green Space before other buyers know they are available.  

  •  You get the opportunity to buy these homes before they are listed, so you can buy direct and save money. 

  •  You get time to shop with no pressure because you’re the first one to find out when a home that matches your criteria comes available.

Bottom line: We’ll work hard to find your dream home. We use our time and money to hunt high and low for you.

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We look forward to helping you find your dream home!


Chris Curry
Founder of the Curry Team at EXP Realty
Developer of the Invisible Listings System

P.S. If you are already working with an agent, then please don’t apply.